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From: $20.00
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“Tiny Dancer” has a fairly unique story behind it: It was the first piece I painted after the birth of my baby girl. During my pregnancy I found it very difficult to concentrate on generating new pieces for the collection. For some time after Alisa was born, it was even harder and several months passed without my even picking up a brush. One day my husband surprised me by returning a little late from work with a bunch of new inks in colors I’d never tried before. I think it was his way of giving me a little nudge. I sat down the next day and decided to play around with the new colors, just to see what they would do in a little water. If you look at Tiny Dancer’s tutu, that’s what was happening there. The rest just flowed. There wasn’t any pressure to make something spectacular, so what did come felt perfectly natural. Coincidently, my daughter loves to dance.

“Tiny Dancer” is a key member of my largest series of work and represents the first piece in the second wave of that series. Her colors and body position best suit her to be paired with “Melt Away Memory”, though her theme has her most often paired with “Morning Glory” (they’re both dancing). That said, Tiny Dancer is among my best selling pieces and has been matched with all the ladies in the Feminine Spirit series at some time or another.

The myriad of color captured within the dress of “Tiny Dancer” lends it well to rooms of almost any color. It is striking without being overpowering, so it it is particularly suited for the bedrooms of young girls seeking a point of feminine power and beauty in their private space.

This is a fine art print of an original watercolour painting by Olga Cuttell. It’s been printed on high quality Epson paper in 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 16×20, 20×24 and now 24×30 inch sizes. It is no coincidence that these are all standard sizes, as Oladesign is committed to helping its customers enjoy Olga’s work affordably and with as little additional effort/expense as possible. Please note that this print is also available in 16×20 & 24×30 canvas prints as well as various wood and metal print sizes. Paper prints come hand signed by the artist.

Many prints are now also available as a variety of other beautiful products, such as Greeting Cards, Pendants, Coasters, Pillow Cases, Tote Bags, and even Place Mats. Please feel free to inquire about the availability of your favourite designs any time.

The copyright watermark will not appear in the print you receive.

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