Though diversity of medium lends itself well to diversity of subject matter, there has proven to be one dominant theme within my work: The natural world. I, and my work, present it as a given that there is no greater source of inspiration, hope, and beauty. Nature as a topic within my work can be lonely, majestic, playful, powerful and, in many pieces, unmistakably feminine. Exploration of the feminine connection to and personality of nature, from the gentle nurturer to the savage destroyer, has spontaneously found itself among the most commonly reoccurring themes of my paintings.
As for myself personally, I’m a happily married mother of two. I’ve been in Canada for eight years now, all in BC, and I’m in love with the place. My art is a reflection of that love, and is my way of reaching out and generating a new connection with the land I walk and raise my family on. If home is where your heart is, then I am home. I believe the reason for my artistic success in BC is that those who see my work sense this, and share it.
Eight years ago I came to Canada on a wing and a prayer. With very little savings, and nothing but faith to guide us, my new husband Michael and I started Oladesign on Etsy.com and I painted ceramic items like lamps and vases with pretty pictures and custom names. It got us by and gave me the confidence to pursue my true dream: become a painter of inspiring and beautiful decorative artwork. It’s still a dream, but now I’m living it instead of dreaming it. In September, Michael quit his job and we are now both committed full time to Oladesign.

Our business is growing and it’s very exciting. Mike loves working from home, when he’s not traveling the country selling my work, but there are many new challenges for us to face. Whoever thought working for yourself meant you’d have more time, had it all wrong. When you work from home it’s not so easy to switch from work to the family and you end up working and working… There is so much to do and never enough hours. The good news is…we love what we are doing and we feel like you do too.

All this is really a little thank you, from me to you…the Oladesign fans who have supported us over the years. Without you, none of this is possible.