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New phone case designs from Oladesign. Protect your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy with a one-piece, impact resistant rubber case, featuring an extremely slim profile and imaged aluminum backplate. The rubber case is snug fitted and will not loosen over time or pop off unintensionally. The rubber case is very shock resistant, providing real protection for your valuable phone. Even the phone-face side has a lip that extends well above the glass, to provide face-down protection, even when dropped. These cases do not crack or break and the image is highly resistant to scratching and wear. All cases are imaged using dye-sublimation and assembled by Oladesign, right in my studio in BC Canada.We currently carry: Iphone 5/5s/SE, 6/6s, 6+/6S+, 7/7+Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7
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